Saturday, May 24, 2008

2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs Note

During the first three rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the team that won the series had a lower (i.e. quicker) average time taken to score the first goal in each game of the series. For example, for my beloved Flyers, in round 1 their average time taken to score their first goal was 11:52 while the Washington Capitals average time to score their first goal was 18:01; and in round 2 the Flyers average time taken to score their first goal was 16:52 and the Montreal Canadian’s was 30:12. Uh, let’s forget about the Flyers round 3 loss to the Penguins. So, if you reading – one thing to watch is to see if this trend continues. Tonight’s game was a win by Detroit, with Detroit scoring their first goal at 13:01 in the second – which is 6:59 into the second period for an average first goal time of 26:59, and since Pittsburgh was shutout, they get a 60:00 even though they did not score.

One thing I want to stress, we really cannot be too sure that this is not just some random occurrence; as opposed to something that we could be confident is really true. One thing that we mention in our book, The Wages of Wins, the playoffs are for fun, not for scientific inquiry. Why? There are just not enough observations.

So, if you are watching the Stanley Cup finals – and I hope you are – keep in mind that each of the series winners during this playoff season has a lower or quicker average time taken to score their first goal than their opponent.

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