Thursday, June 5, 2008

MLB Draft Notes

Check out It Might Be Dangerous San Diego Padres fans! Paul DePodesta, GM of the Padres is blogging about the selections made by the club he is managing, along with draft strategy – in general – recent trades made by the Padres, and some information about outright waivers vs. players placed on assignment. For those of you thinking about a career in a sports front office – as some of us knew even as a small child that we would never make it as an athlete – this is the blog for you. I check it out daily!

For me, I came home early today and watched most of the first round of the draft. No real surprises for a novice MLB draft watcher. The hard part about both the MLB and NHL draft is that we really have no emotional or intellectual ties to the players being drafted, unless the son of an ESPN analyst is being drafted – which is very cool! Congrats to Daniel Schlereth, as well as
all the players’ drafted so far, and best wishes for those that are still waiting when the draft resumes tomorrow.

No University of Iowa players drafted as of yet, but hope remains!

For a list of all of the players drafted this year check out: 2008 MLB Draft Tracker!


Shake'n'bake said...

Iowa players drafted
#417 Caleb Curry CF, by the Giants.
#1356 Ryan Arp C, by the Dodgers
#1450 Kevin Hoef 3B, by Red Sox

Stacey said...

I was gone away from my computer most of the weekend - so thanks for filling in the part that I missed.

Three players is not too bad! I hope that Iowa baseball continues to show improvement.