Monday, August 18, 2008

NCAA Women's Soccer

This is the first of a continuing series on the finances of different NCAA sports that are competed by the University of Iowa. I plan on writing about each sport as they get ready to compete. The first on the list is women's soccer. The team takes on Drake August 23rd at 7pm here in Iowa City. The women's soccer team finished ranked 70th in RPI last year, so there is room for improvement and our hopes are high!

While the competition on the field is exciting, what are the revenues and expenses for NCAA women's soccer? Too give some perspective, let's look at first only Iowa Women's soccer, and the averages for the Big 10 (including Iowa), the Big 12, the ACC, the SEC and the PAC 10 women's soccer from 2005-2006 academic year. Yes, I am being restrictive, but hey this is going to take a while to crank through all the data.

To read the table - for Iowa - there were 26 women on the soccer team, making over $262,000 in revenues and spending over $735,000 resulting in a loss of about $473,000 or $18,190 per player. Iowa is not alone. In the table below all five conferences average a loss - i.e. their expenses were greater than their revenues. (To be fair, two of these schools broke exactly even - Boston College and South Carolina.) The Big 12 has the highest average revenues and expenses (with Texas A&M leading the way in both), and the PAC 10 has a slightly higher average player loss than the SEC. The University of Nebraska had the greatest per player loss of over $50,000. Compared to averages from the five conferences, Iowa women's soccer is not that costly.

Number Revenues Expenses Loss (-) Per Student
26 $262,191 $735,138 -$472,947 -$18,190
Big 10
27.5 $209,751 $767,284 -$557,533 -$20,333
27.5 $220,079 $813,480 -$593,401 -$22,789
Big 12
28.5 $392,985 $1,051,857 -$658,872 -$24,008
PAC 10
25.8 $128,239 $814,754 -$686,515 -$26,850
24.3 $189,505 $824,973 -$635,468 -$26,529

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