Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The 106 Mile Per Gallon Car?

Recently, CNN has reported that an "air-compressed" car can generate 106 miles per gallon. Some say that 106 mpg is more theoretical as opposed to actual.

Either way, a car that can seat six people, hold 8 gallons of gasoline, go up to 90 miles per hour, travel up to 800 miles and not use gasoline when moving under 35 miles per hour has its attractions. This car is not supposed to be on the market until 2010, and is initially priced around $18,000.

Given that the company, Zero Pollution Motors, is interested in selling vehicles that are meeting a number of consumers demand - low emission vehicles that use much less gasoline and that is priced reasonably, this is a product that has a lot of market potential.

One obvious drawback is the lack of a track record with regard to maintenance, performance, etc.; but this would be the case no matter what new entrant in the auto market emerges.

While many are gloom and doom in our current economic climate, the downturn in the stock market and financial sectors makes a great opportunity for new and innovative companies to emerge from the stifling competitive pressures that occur in a booming economy.

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