Monday, October 6, 2008

NCAA Men's Tennis

The Iowa men's tennis team has already hit the courts this Fall, and I am getting behind in my summaries of the various sport's that the University of Iowa is competing in. Iowa's men's tennis team finished unranked last year, so there is room for improvement this year.

Turning to the financial data for the 2005-2006 academic year, the first thing that jumps out at me is among NCAA Division I schools, only 78% of the schools that have women's tennis also have men's tennis. That's 88 out of 113. Arizona State recently dropped the men's tennis program. The prospects for tennis overall look bleak, with 100 programs dropped in the last six years. Here is a list of schools that have dropped (and added) for both men's and women's tennis. Notice that the majority of dropped tennis programs are men's.

Turning first to Iowa's mens team we notice that the per student loss is around $22,000, which is over half as small as for the women's team, but then again the men's team has over twice as many students as the women's team - so economies of scale seem to be prevalent in the income and expenses for Iowa's tennis programs. Even with a $22,000 per student loss, Iowa is quite a bit more in terms of per student losses than the average Big 10 program, but more in line with the Big 12, ACC and Pac 10.

School/Conf Number Revenues Expenses Loss Per Student
Iowa 15 $8,827 $336,334 -$327,507 -$21,834
Big 10 9.5 $160,077 $274,305 -$114,228 -$12,163
Big 12 10.1 $92,461 $398,691 -$306,230 -$31,170
ACC 10.3 $100,956 $435,013 -$334,057 -$32,929
Pac 10 9.6 $141,531 $475,605 -$334,073 -$36,796
SEC 8.9 $75,649 $179,132 -$103,483 -$11,095

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