Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Iowa Athletics and Title IX

The Daily Iowan wrote a short article on why there will not likely be a men's soccer team here at Iowa any time soon. The two main reasons given were finances and Title IX. In my view, they are excellent reasons not to expand athletics at this point in time. As I have blogged about last Fall semester, many sports here at Iowa (and many across the US) are losing money, and men's soccer would most likely have similar financial results as the Iowa women's soccer program.

The other reason is Title IX, which is a law requiring colleges and universities receiving federal funds to provide gender equality in educational participation - including athletics.

While not mentioned in the DI article, there is a way of adding a men's (or women's) team and not having to add an additional team to try to meet Title IX compliance. That is to drop an existing team. So if Iowa decided to add men's soccer, it could drop a men's team. I am not suggesting that this is the course of action to take place, but it is a possibility to add a sport that is rising in popularity.

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