Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cedar Rapids and Kalona

In today's USA Today, there are two articles about towns in Southeastern Iowa, one about the real estate market in Cedar Rapids and the other about a quirky tourism promotion in Kalona.

First, the real estate market overall is comparatively good in Cedar Rapids even adjusting for the impact of the flood last year. While some residential and commercial property has been devastated by the flood, on the whole the article shows that the real estate market in Cedar Rapids is doing very well compared to many parts of the US.

Second, the town of Kalona - about 15 miles from Iowa City, and a town I visit once a month for a meeting - is "arresting" out of state cars and giving them a free nights stay in Kalona. This is an interesting tourism promotion, since it seems to me that if hotel/motels in Kalona have excess capacity - there is not a lot of additional cost to the hotels/motels. One thing that I wonder is how will out-of-state travelers react to being "pulled over" for a tourism promotion?

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