Friday, October 2, 2009

2016 Summer Olympic Bid Decision

The International Olympic Committee will be deciding the city to host the Olympics for the Summer of 2016. There are four cities left still in contention, Chicago USA, Madrid Spain, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and Toyko Japan. As of September 28th, gives a slight lead to Rio de Janeiro over Chicago. I have tried to follow the methodology as to how the index is measured, but am not following it, so I am not endorsing - nor critizing the index. I have also e-mailed the contact at the website, but have not received a response. So basically I am saying take the index with a few grains of salt.

Today we will have the decision as to who will be hosting the Summer 2016 olympics. As for cities arguing that hosting the Olympics will be good for economic development - don't believe it. I have laid out a short argument here previously, and to that I still hold.

UPDATED 1:17pm: Rio wins the summer 2016 games; Chicago eliminated on the first ballot. Here are the ballot results.

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