Friday, November 6, 2009

2009 World Series MVP?

Given the dust has settled and the New York Yankees are the World Series champions for 2009, I figured that it was time to determine the Most Valuable Player (Batter) for the series. I am determining the MVP for batter based on which player had the highest runs created during the series. My calculation is based on the Blass (1992) model over the 2000-2008 regular season, so some of the coefficients for the individual batter stats may be slightly off, but should not be off by much, and would not change the top 10 performers during the World Series.

Thus, my MVP for the 2009 World Series is: Hideki Matsui, who was also named the World Series MVP. Here the top 10 finishers (batters) for the 2009 World Series MVP in terms of runs created.

Player TEAM RC
H Matsui NYY 6.691
C Utley PHI 5.611
C Ruiz PHI 4.277
D Jeter NYY 3.856
A Rodriguez NYY 3.616
J Damon NYY 3.462
J Werth PHI 3.336
R Ibanez PHI 2.855
J Rollins PHI 1.696
J Posada NYY 1.370

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